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About this centre The centre was established in 1995 and has been run by its present Instructor since 2001. During this time, show more

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Trinity Methodist Church, 11 Barn Hill, Stamford, PE9 2AE

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About this centre

The centre was established in 1995 and has been run by its present Instructor since 2001. During this time, many of the students have attained levels of competence way above their age.

At present, students at the centre currently range from four to 16 years of age, although Kumon caters for children of all ages and abilities. The unique Kumon Maths and English Programmes pursue the potential of each child by developing confident, independent learners through individualised, advanced study.

Each class in the centre has four assistants plus the Instructor, and thus no student should have to wait for more than a few minutes for further guidance or to have their class work marked.

Students with parents waiting in the church car park are escorted back to their parents by an assistant when they have finished their work in the centre.

Similar to other tuition providers the Kumon programmes focus on essential academic skills, but we go one step further by developing a child’s independent study skills, needed for school, university, employment and all other aspects of adult life.

About the Instructor

I am Pauline Jones and I have been a Kumon Instructor for over 12 years, having worked as an assistant at the study centre from soon after it was established. Prior to this I had worked in schools in the UK and abroad in various roles from learning support and class room assistant to Science Technician. My original training and subsequent work as a Dietician introduced me to individual instruction and small group teaching as well as lecturing to nurses, doctors and other groups.

My younger son was one of the study centre's first students and I was most impressed by the way the programme boosted his confidence in maths; this in turn gave him the courage to trust his ability and try something unfamiliar.

One of my fulfilling moments is when I meet former students or one of their parents and hear news about their progress in life in the time since they were at the centre. Most will refer to the time spent on the Kumon programmes and how it has helped them academically or with life skills during the time they spent in education or since.

Centre Hours and Pricing

Monday: Non class day
Tuesday: 3.30pm - 5.30pm
Wednesday: Non class day
Thursday: 3.30pm - 5.30pm
Friday: Non class day
Saturday: Non class day
Sunday: Non class day

How long does a class take?
The time taken to complete a day's work may be around 30 minutes per subject. The study time is completely down to each individual and the level of the programme they are currently at.

Registration Fee - £30
What is the Registration Fee?
To get your child started with Kumon study you will pay a one off registration fee to register them as a student.
Per Subject: £60 - Your child will attend the Kumon study centre for up to two days a week. 
Five other sets of work completed at home each week.