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Central Federation of Traditional Shotokan


The CFTS has been teaching students of all ages Shotokan Karate since its inception in 1994 and has clubs all over the Milton Keynes and Bedford show more

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24 Ditmas Avenue, Kempston, Bedford, Bedfordshire, MK42 7DP

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The CFTS has been teaching students of all ages Shotokan Karate since its inception in 1994 and has clubs all over the Milton Keynes and Bedford areas.

Our Chief Instructor is Renshi Andy Kidby, 7th Dan.


Starting at the club of your choice on a date you choose

Training available at all clubs all year round

No special clothing necessary

Adults & children (over 6 yrs) welcome

Offer is also open to those who previously trained and want to return to a martial art

Contact the club of your choice (click on the link below) to secure your place

(Not available at after school clubs)

CFTS Karate Clubs - Locations & Information

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KARATE ("kara-te", meaning empty hand) is the foremost method of self defence, with roots that can be traced back many hundreds of years to China & Okinawa, making it one of the most traditional methods of self defence, whilst also being a very enjoyable way of getting fit.

Whilst training at this ancient martial art through learning to control our body, you ultimately learn to control your mind while becoming more confident and when necessary more assertive.

Powers of concentration also improve, especially in the young, along with a single minded approach to any goal one may set one's self. Respect of yourself and others is key to the teachings of karate along with patience and tolerance. Confidence also improves, not just because you learn to deal with threatening situations on the street but also, through the grading system, learning to deal with one's nerves.

The first grading is more of a formality but one still has to perform certain tasks successfully to a panel of examiners. Each subsequent grading becomes a little more demanding culminating with the one for black belt after four or five years.

The black belt grading is not the end, but in Churchill's words "just the end of the beginning" for there are a further ten black belt gradings (known as dans) to undertake, each after an increasing time span between them.

Karate is not about breaking bricks or other inanimate objects, although black belts do this in private, to prove to themselves that their technique works, and what might happen should they use their art on another human being. Nor is karate an aggressive pastime, it is more a method of releasing one's pent up aggression caused by the stresses of modern society.

Karate really is suitable for everyone regardless of age, sex or level of fitness. It is therefore possible to practice karate all of one's life making it unique amongst sports and many other pastimes.

CFTS Karate offers the least expensive yet probably the most qualified and most experienced karate instruction available in the area, headed by our 7th Dan Chief Instructor who has over 40 years martial arts experience.
All CFTS club instructors:
  • Are qualified equivalent to NVQ level 3 or 4
  • Are trained in Child Protection and Safeguarding
  • Are qualified in First Aid
  • Have Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) clearance certification
  • Have been black belts for a minimum of two years and have been training at Shotokan Karate for over ten years.
  • Have professional indemnity & civil liability insurance for £10million.
 CFTS offers professional traditional & competition karate plus extremely effective self-defence instruction against both armed and unarmed assailants. 
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CFTS is committed to providing high quality safe coaching of karate and self defence in a manner both traditional yet fun. It is the aim of CFTS to instil a moralistic approach to life as laid down in the dojo-kun. We are committed to continually assess and improve our level of coaching with the purpose of being recognised as a highly respected and professional body.



CFTS believes everyone in the community should be treated fairly and equally. We will not tolerate any discrimination against any member due to race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, political beliefs, physical or mental disability or for any other reason whatsoever. We believe all our members deserve the same opportunities and shall see this continues in practice.



    • It is the responsibility of ALL black belts within CFTS to ensure the well being of the federation's membership.
    • There should at all times be a clean, safe and hazardous free environment in which to train.
    • All instructors must have an evacuation procedure.
    • Reasonable steps must be taken to ensure safe training methods.
    • All instructors will be insured for professional indemnity.
    • All instructors will be first aid certificated.
    • All instructors & students will be licenced.
    • All instructors will undertake coaching qualifications.
    • All instructors will maintain accurate, comprehensive records of students next of kin, contact information and special needs etc in line with data protection legislation, and have these records available at the dojo.
    • No instructor will be alone with a minor before, during or after a training session.
    • It is an instructors duty to attend gradings, courses and other relevant events.
  • It is our joint responsibility to implement all of the above and to adhere to it.