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St Albans taxi service – fast, friendly and most reliable

Having more taxis than everyone else combined means that there will always be one close by when you need it; but that is not the only reason to choose Gold Line. Because getting the taxi to you quickly, then getting you to where you need to be safely and on time is the most important bit… and that is why our customers love to use us.

And now booking a reliable taxi and knowing exactly when it will arrive just got even easier with our brand new mobile app for iPhone and Android devices. It lets you book your St Albans taxi online, and even allows you to track your driver as they make their way to your location, making the service that you get from Gold Line even better than it was before.

Taking the lead in delivering service

 When Gold Line started up with just a handful of cars in 1986, the idea of becoming the largest, most innovative and most reliable taxi company in St Albans was not even considered as part of our dream. Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology was something to do with the US ‘star wars’ programme, Lady Gaga had just been born and petrol cost around 38p per litre. But just look how much has changed since then…

Today’s technology means that you can reserve your taxi by calling 01727 833 333, online or through our fantastic booking app on your phone or tablet. You can even track it through the GPS system to see exactly what time it will be with you. Combined with the fact that we have indeed become one of the largest taxi fleets in Hertfordshire with more vehicles than all the other taxi firms in St Albans put together, our investment in the very latest technology has all been directed at giving you, our customers, the very best service possible.

From those early days when the person who answered the phone was often the same one who came to collect you, through to today when a satellite 12.5 thousand miles above the earth relays a message to the nearest available vehicle and sends it to you, we have understood the need for keeping service at the centre of everything we do. The results speak for themselves really, and as we have taken on and looked after more customers we have invested in improving the service we give them. The fleet grew, the internet arrived, mobile technology blossomed and we continued to smile, adapt and get you to where you need to be in comfort and on time.

Today the fleet consists of standard taxis, wheelchair accessible vehicles and larger taxis to accommodate groups. Each car is fully licensed by the St Albans District Council and is fitted with the very latest in GPS despatch and navigation technology and each driver is fitted with a smile and a helpful, friendly nature (as well as being CRB checked and personal references having been taken).