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Welcome to the colourful world of Fabric and Flair, where dreams become real and houses become homes! Based in Marshfield, near Bath, Jill Down and her team have been making and fitting beautiful curtains, blinds and accessories for over twenty years, working closely with her clients to turn their ideas and aspirations into warm, inviting rooms they’ll enjoy for years.

Why not have a wander around this webside and get a feel for the extraordinary way in which Jill can take any fabric and make it into something special. You’ll find that her winning combination of sound practical common sense, innate good taste and relentless demand for perfection results in curtains and blinds that look a million dollars, but don’t cost the earth, perfect for home, office, hotel or school,

Lastly, spend some time reading through the testimonials page, you won’t be able to help being impressed, then pick up the phone to ask Jill about your next pair of curtains….

In Your Home

The right curtains can make or break a room. It’s not just the colour or design, it’s their length and the way they hang, and the tie backs, and pelmet, the gathering, it’s whether they have presence, or just fit in nicely…and of course deciding on the wrong curtains can be a disaster, and the same goes for blinds. And have you ever considered blinds? You’ll be amazed how blinds have changed over the years and the variety and diversity of the blinds Fabric and Flair is able to offer.

Jill’s workshop, near Bath, is an Aladdin’s Cave of swatches and cuttings, offering a huge choice of fabrics, colours and patterns and an astonishing variety of curtain styles for you to choose from, but don’t worry, Jill, and her team at Fabric and Flair have built their enviable reputation by being good listeners, understanding what their customers want to achieve, and being able to supply exactly the curtains and blinds required, within budget and on time. So give Jill a ring. She’ll be happy to visit your home to discuss your needs. She’ll give you a host of options and ideas to choose from, take precise measurements, make your curtains or blinds in her own workshop and use her own team to hang or fit them for you, exactly as and when agreed.


Own a pub, a hotel, a shop or offices? If so you’ll know the difference that the right curtains and blinds can make to the ambiance and feeling of a room.You’ll want curtains and blinds that are attractive, functional and easy to keep clean, and fire resistant too, to meet all government regulations, and Fabric and Flair are exactly the right company to supply them.

Small enough to be able to guarantee a personal service, yet with years of experience and with an in-house team making-up and fitting, Fabric and Flair will be able to find exactly the right blend of attractive colours, distinctive designs and practical accessories to make sure that your design needs are met, precisely as intended, and within your budget.

If you’re a ‘commercial’ buyer you’ll want a one stop shop giving a first class product which looks a million dollars, but doesn’t cost the earth, a guaranteed delivery and fitting, and a reliable replacement service when things go wrong, so ring Jill at Fabric and Flair, you’ll never regret it.


Schools like curtains and blinds too! And it’s not just in the staff room and head teachers study. Classrooms look and feel so much more homely and welcoming when they have attractive curtains or blinds, and Fabric and Flair are the right people to ask to supply them.

They’ll come up with a choice of hard wearing and low maintenance fabrics and finishes to choose from, all meeting government regulations for fire resistance. And have a look at our range of blinds! You’ll honestly be amazed at what’s available nowadays.

Just recently Jill kitted out a local school with a mix of beautiful blinds and creative curtains, with stripes on the blinds and circles on the curtains, giving a wonderful and exciting mix of colours and effects.

Give Jill at Fabric and Flair a ring to discuss what can be done within your budget, and join a list of schools whose quality of life has been improved immeasurably by fitting curtains or blinds.

Fabrics & Accessories

If it’s fabrics or accessories you’re after then Fabric and Flair should be your first port of call.

The company offers customers a huge range of exciting and colourful fabrics to choose their curtains from, and that choice can be yours too, even if you just want to buy the material. And the same goes for the huge variety of poles and fittings that are available.

Sometimes just looking at pictures of patterns or the design of fitments isn’t enough, and you want to feel the quality of the fabrics and the weight of the fitments, and you can!

Just contact Jill at Fabric and Flair and arrange to visit the workshop, you’ll be made very welcome and have a great time looking through the wonderful choice of pattern books and samples.


Blinds can be as individual and distinctive as you are yourself! At Fabric and Flair blinds take on a complete new meaning, with a collection containing creative and intricate designs in woven wood and bamboo sourced from around the world, as well as more traditional roller, vertical, Venetian and woodslat blinds in different colours, finishes and sizes.

The woven wood and bamboo fabrics chosen by Jill for this range have been carefully selected to ensure that the natural features of the raw materials, such as their grain and colour balance, are maintained.

Each blind has its own unique character and style, each is edged with woven tape with a choice of eleven natural colours to complement or contrast with your room or the blinds themselves. Blinds can be roll-up, hidden behind a valance when fully retracted, or Roman, hanging flat when lowered, and stacking in even folds.

Picture in your mind the beauty of sunlight as it filters gently through these beautiful blinds, creating a calm and soothing atmosphere that can be subtly changed with the length of the day, then pick up your phone, and give Jill a ring.

Soft Furnishings & Specials

There’s no end to the talent at Fabric and Flair. Why not have cushions made up to match your new curtains, or a quilt to go with those in the bedroom? Or a complete sofa cover?

Sometimes it’s the ‘extras’ like these that create the greatest impact and really make the individual nature of your room stand out. It’s a great idea for themed rooms too and the kids will really love it.