Excellon Systems

Software Development in Kings Lynn

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Excellon Systems was established as a software house based close to Kings Lynn, in West Norfolk to not only produce quality software systems, but also to offer software development and technical authoring services to businesses. Ultimately we want to provide our experience in developing software solutions to resolve your business problems.

We have extensive knowledge and experience of developing and documenting software using standards such as ISO 9001:2008 and RTCA DO-178B. We believe if applied in the correct way such standards enable quality systems to be produced in a cost effect and timely manner. However if approached from the outset as a burden or waste of time this is exactly what these standards can become.

With a lot of companies testing is considered only as an after thought, and performed to fulfil regulatory requirements. Here at Excellon Systems we take the view that testing is an equally important part of the development process. We therefore plan the required testing for a system as early as possible within the project lifecycle.