Augustinian Care

Care Homes in East Susex

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Augustinian Care provides care with nursing for elderly frail residents and those with mental health problems in Sussex. Our aim is to provide unique high quality care, enabling individuals to lead valued and fulfilled lives with freedom to make choices.

We always aim to foster an open and positive relationship through both respect and understanding where our Sisters and staff are empowered to deliver life-giving structures.

The Augustinian Order was founded in 1842 in Bruges, Belgium by Reverend Canon Peter John Maes who devoted his life to the care of the mentally ill. The Sisters of St. Augustine was re-formed in 1866 when it established its first home, St. George's Retreat in Burgess Hill, Sussex, principally to care for the mentally and physically ill. The Sisters have continued to care for those that need it ever since.

Please take the time to look at our website, and visit any of our homes for a viewing.